Exotic Tropical Pet World is owned and operated by a local family with an extreme love for animal care. We are passionate about the care of pets and view our customers as people rather than numbers. In addition, because we do not have hundreds of stores, we are able to pour our hearts into making our store a paradigm of excellence. We are who we are because we have a unique team they are local people with a passion for pets,  without our team, the managers, assistant managers, pet advisers, and most of all our Pet Care Staff! They are who cares for our puppies, reptiles, birds, salt and fresh water fish and all the aspects of our store. They  understand the unique needs and concerns of our customers and the pets they love. They work crazy schedules, nights and weekends, when you shop.  Many of them come in on their days off just to be with the animals.  We have been blessed to have kept most of our team members even after our terrible fire.

Thus, we are able to provide superior service and selection, with a personal touch. We are constantly trying to innovate and improve the way we do what we do. We will settle for nothing less than the best because our customers and their pets deserve it.

If you love pets, you will love this store! Every imaginable premium pet supply, product, food and then some is available. If we do not have it – we will get it for you. In addition, the staff knows how to help solve all your basic animal care problems or how to bribe your pet with the best treats in the Valley. The store features the largest selection of Birds, small mammals, reptiles, amphibians, arachnids,  salt and fresh water fish,  accessories for nearly every kind of small animal. This is your pets’ place for toys, chews and treats! Plus all the other basic stuff you need to keep your pet happy and trouble free.

Our family-owned-and-operated pet store is conveniently located at

1716 W. Hackberry (old MRivas store)  OPEN for your pet’s shopping pleasure!
Stop in today and see what everyone is talking about! – Pets are Welcome!

Our Mission:

Our mission is to bring people and pets together. Caring for pets can be an immensely rewarding and gratifying experience, and at Exotic Tropical Pet World, we aim to share the beauty of animals with whomever may be interested. We also aim to provide the best customer service possible. At Exotic Tropical Pet World, we value customer satisfaction greatly. Whether you come in with the intent of obtaining a new companion or simply to experience the sights and sounds of our various critters, it is our sincere hope that you leave satisfied.