As locals, we are also interested in the long-term well-being of the community. We are currently taking our Pets to our local schools and teaching our kids how to care for them. Our store supports Autism Awareness and invites any boy or girl scout troops to hold their next meeting at our store.

Would like a Free Tour:

Free tours are available Monday and Tuesday 9am-11am  (for our Autism Schools Groups) Any Private or Public schools are welcome tours are available Wednesday and Thursday  up to 30 minutes long with a max of 20* kids. We can divide the 30 minutes any way your group would like. Spend 10 minutes each in three different areas of the store (Reptiles, Birds/Small Mammals, and Fish); 15 minutes each in two areas; or all 30 minutes in our Discovery room area! Typically we will meet and learn about 2-3 different animals during this tour.

Up to 20* kids – No charge! Remember to book ahead of time so we can schedule a tour guide for you.