The Bloom Projects

" Every bud and every child CAN blossom"

the bloom park

Exotic Tropical Pet World LLC.

Starting all the projects enthusiastic and with many dreams for everyone

Squirtle goes home

Exotic Tropical Pet World LLC.

Our sulcata tortoise is the first pet of bloom park, there he will enjoy the rest of his life happily with all the comforts for him

etpw + bloom park

Exotic Tropical Pet World LLC.

At the beginning of the year 2021, ETPW heard about the mission and existence of bloom park and is cordially invited to join forces, without a doubt we had to be there with such special people, so we are now part of the bloom family

about bloom park

The primary mission of The Bloom Projects, managed by USA Bloom Project Corporation, McAllen, TX, USA (Registered 501c3, non-profit, EIN 85-3271473, Office of Secretary of State- File# 803697758) is to provide encouragement, aid and a support system for orphans and underprivileged children. We defined “orphans” as children below age 16 years of age with both parents of the child having died or having abandoned the child, making the child inherently disadvantaged. This group is our primary focus. We defined “underprivileged children” as children financially or socially disadvantaged and located in USA or developing countries living in struggling single-parent homes, foster homes, shelters or hostels or other similar situations experiencing deprivation of love and amenities needed to thrive.

Bloom will also take up community development projects such as vocational training, career guidance, education, summer camps, community based gardening and horticulture projects, reforestation by developing “Bloom Parks” featuring inspiring spaces where volunteers and beneficiaries can meet and interact, primarily at the “Bloom classroom” and “Bloom café- Let’s coffee, let’s chat” where volunteers will serve tasty and healthy food and non-alcoholic beverages and generate thought provoking discussions. Bloom will be initially focused mainly on McAllen, TX, USA and Hyderabad, Indi; operating through donations received in the form of land and initial corpus fund to begin operations and subsequent monthly contributions for maintenance, coming from the Taggarse, Hairston and other families wishing to give back to their community.

Exotic Tropical Pet World LLC.