English Bulldog



Weight: 40–50 pounds
Height: 10–17 inches
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During the 17th century, the bulldog was used for gambling sport known as bullbaiting, as well as
being used to capture wild bulls by coming from under the bull, grasping the bull by the nose and
holding on until a rope was put around the bull’s neck. This bulldog was intense and gutsy, and
tenacious enough to be insensitive to pain. The Cruelty To Animals Act was enacted in 1835,
ending these horrific functions for the bulldog. Breeding was then designed to eliminate the
aggressive and fighting behaviors from the bulldog, and in time this dog was cross bred with a Pug
resulting in a shorter and wider dog with a brachycephalic (broad and short) skull. This is not the
bulldog of old and today’s English Bulldog looks very different with a greatly changed
temperament resulting in today’s docile and playful pup.
Medium, 14-17” at the shoulders, weighing anywhere from 40-50 pounds. Their flat coat is short
and smooth in colors of solid red, fawn, fallow, piebald, white, red brindle, pale red or a
combination of these colors. A lot of strength in a relatively compact body, they are rock-hard
muscular with a short muzzle (brachycephalic) and massive jaws with an under bite.
The English Bulldog has a life expectancy of 8-10 years. This breed is also prone to bloat, patellar
luxation, joint problems, and skin conditions. With a brachydephalic skull, be cautious with heat
stroke. English Bulldogs are very sensitive to hot or cold temperatures, including in the house.
Because of breathing and whelping complications, breeders insist on cesarean delivery.
The English Bulldog is a clown and quite playful. They look formidable, but they are quite gentle
and loving. They love people and are good with children. However, this breed is also strong-willed
and determined. You must use humane leadership with the English Bulldog or they will assert their
own leadership. It is rumored they are slow to learn, but more appropriately they do not like
coercive training. However, they do respond very eagerly to working with you and positive
reinforcement, especially clicker training. They are highly intelligent, great problem solvers, and
willing to learn. They snore, drool, are messy eaters, but are fun friends.
They like to lounge, but also need a daily walk. More active when young, they even run short
sprints across the yard. Check with your veterinarian before exercising your English Bulldog in even
moderately hot weather. Learn the signs of heat stroke because this breed overheats easily and
has a very difficult time cooling off.
Grooming Requirements: Coat is short, smooth and flat requiring weekly brushing and occasional
bathing. Wipe this breed’s face daily with warm water to keep the skin folds clean. Coat:
Short Shedding: Average shedding Hypoallergenic: No, due to shedding Apartment Living:
Definitely suitable for apartment living. Lap Dog: Yes Good With Children: Good with all
children. Good With Other Pets: Generally good with other pets.